Planning and coordination for weddings, social occasions and corporate gatherings 

Event Planning, Itineraries and Celebrations

From luxurious, glamorous, affairs to simple, elegant, events, our design languages are flexible. Pricing is custom to your wedding or special occasion based on the detail involved in your planning, design and coordination needs. Our service fees start at $199 and increase depending on the scale of your event, services requested, the intricacies of all elements, and the time currently remaining for planning.​​​ Each level of planning is customized to your specific situation. We will run through every detail to produce the perfect package for you.​ Thank you for considering us for your special day – we look forward to making it truly unforgettable!


   why hire us?



Let’s face it – weddings and some special occasions are expensive. And because of this, many people are under the impression that planning services are not affordable, and just “an unnecessary added expense.” Quite the contrary! As planners, we’re not just experienced in making events come together beautifully; we also make sure you are paired with the best vendors for your budget and needs. Not only are we helping you make affordable decisions, we’re making sure that we do the math to the last nickel and dime, so that you can get the best bang for you buck. We’ve saved our clients from hundreds of dollars and continue to build on that experience. As if that’s not enough, many of our amazing vendors offer our clients considerate discounts, offers and incentives – so the investment you’re making in your planning services is truly going right back in your pocket. 


I’m sure by now you know that there is quite the information overload within planning a special event. There’s just so much to know and be aware of, and things you haven’t even thought through yet (like what is reasonable to spend on certain items, who will be doing speeches, and what song will be playing based on your program. But we’re here for that! And not only do we guide you through all the little (and big!) details, we also guide your vendors leading up to the big day. We consider ourselves financial advisers, educators, counselors, negotiators, designers and coordinators all wrapped up in one!


The last thing you should be doing is being stressed. There’s absolutely no way you can soak it all in if your stress levels are at an all time high. For many, this stress just comes from the amount of information and detail involved in making all these decisions that ultimately come together to make your day. Even when you have family and friends to help, they may get just as overwhelmed and not quite know how to handle unforeseen situations. Here, we always discuss a plan B far in advance and make sure that you’re covered when it comes to everything from vendor contracts to your venue’s policies. Plus, we’ll always provide you with our best expert advice and make sure to keep you on track within your custom planning timeline and to-do’s. We send you reminders when needed and provide you with unlimited communication.